Operations Manager

This position reports directly to the Director of Operations. The Operations Manager is responsible for managing a team of 20-50 fulfillment specialists to ensure the accurate completion of orders and receipt and storage of inventory. The Operations Manager will be comfortable wearing multiple hats in a start-up environment, taking on full ownership of their operations, and leading and developing their team of fulfillment specialists and leads. The successful candidate will be able to exercise very strong judgment, provide an excellent experience for our clients and their customers, continuously improve and develop operational processes as well as roll up their sleeves to actively manage production operations on the warehouse floor.

Specific responsibilities may include (but are not limited to):

  • Responsible for the overall safety, quality, productivity, and customer experience of shift operations
  • Support all safety programs to ensure a safe work environment for all associates, and develop and implement new safety initiatives to improve operations safety
  • Monitor performance of warehouse staff; ensure proper coaching and development of the team; mentor team members to be able to take on roles with greater responsibility, complexity, and leadership
  • Actively improve processes and systems to exceed safety, quality, and production goals
  • Review work forecasts and determine staffing needs to meet the daily, weekly, and monthly, production goals, making adjustments as is needed and appropriate
  • Collect, analyze, and monitor data to reduce defects; comfortable learning and using the principles of Six Sigma
  • Escalate all issues to the Director of Operations

In addition, this position entails the following:

  • Ability to work in construction/distribution environments that may be noisy, unheated, and not air-conditioned
  • Walking around the warehouse with great frequency; continual standing or walking
  • Position has Monday-Friday daytime hours, but candidate must have the ability to adjust hours and schedule to work overtime and possibly nights and weekends



  • Ability to transform a broad vision into a tangible and successful operating plan, with demonstrated leadership skills to communicate ideas and to motivate and influence people
  • Ability to handle changing priorities and to use good judgment in stressful situations
  • A get-it done attitude
  • Ability to understand and manage to performance metrics
  • Ability to operate in a continuous improvement environment where you will always be developing and implementing new ideas and creative solutions as well as improving existing processes
  • Ability to plan, organize, and manage multiple projects simultaneously, and to make the appropriate trade-offs between competing priorities when necessary



  • A completed Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university; a degree in Engineering, Operations, Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics, or related field is preferred
  • Direct management experience of an hourly workforce; experience with a contingent workforce and management experience in a manufacturing, production, or distribution environment preferred
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills including an ability to communicate with the senior leadership team, clients, and warehouse staff
  • Ability to understand and manage to performance metrics
  • Demonstrated strong ability and enthusiasm to learn new software applications and technologies; expert proficiency with Excel and/or SQL a plus
  • Interest in long-term career development with a rapidly growing and innovative company




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