Mochila Fulfillment provides order fulfillment and warehousing services to e-commerce brands. We offer custom packaging solutions and returns processing for e-commerce orders in addition to fulfillment through wholesale and distribution channels. Our fulfillment platform is powered by proprietary software developed by a leadership team with over 35 years of combined e-commerce experience and expertise. This software enables us to combine very fast shipping with industry leading accuracy rates and flexible packaging solutions, allowing you to satisfy your customers and focus your resources on growing your brand.

The Mochila Advantage

Fast Delivery

All orders received before 1pm ship same day. And from our locations near New York and San Francisco, 80% of shipments are delivered in two days.

Superior Accuracy

Our software was built in-house based on years of logistics experience at companies like Amazon to ensure accuracy rates over 99.9%.

Custom Packaging

We handle complex, high-touch packaging requirements such as branded boxes, custom notes, tissue paper, stickers, marketing inserts, and ribbons.


We offer value added services to support your brand: kitting services, including unique kits tailored for each customer; custom gift wrapping and gift notes; letter envelope shipping for small items; laser etching capabilities for personalizing glass and wood items.

Customer Returns

We can process your customers’ returns including: complete product identification and inspection; fluff and buff services; refurbishment, repair, and parts replacement; re-kitting and re-packaging; returns to vendor, disposal, and liquidation.


When you partner with Mochila, you have a single, dedicated account manager who can ensure your issues are resolved and questions answered even if your inventory is stored in multiple warehouses. In addition, you can tap into our expertise for special projects.

The Quality Solution

We build quality into our processes from the very first step.

Our quality assurance processes begin before your inventory arrives at one of our warehouses. It begins by building a thorough understanding of your products and fulfillment requirements so we can design the right processes, supported by our proprietary software, to deliver your brand promise.

Next, we ensure we have each of your SKUs correctly configured in our system. This enables us to have a high quality receive process. Before we take the first item off the truck, we make sure we have a record of the inventory expected to arrive at the warehouse. Then, every item is scanned twice – on two separate occasions – before it is stored in the warehouse. We then triple check the inventory received for any items that were not expected, recording and communicating in real-time any exceptions.

When an order is sent to Mochila for processing, we direct one of Mochila’s fulfillment specialists to pick your items from inventory using an Android app paired with a bluetooth scanner. These items are then sent to a packing area, stocked with your branded shipping supplies and dedicated to preparing your items for shipments. There every inventory item is scanned a second time to ensure accuracy. In addition, our software directs the packing specialist to scan each piece of packing material to be included in the shipment.

These processes allow us to process tens of thousands of shipments daily with extraordinary accuracy, speed, and customization – all designed to seamlessly deliver your brand to your customers.

“Image means personality.

Products, like people, have

personalities, and they can

make or break them

in the market place.”

David Ogilvy


Developer Friendly

We designed the Mochila fulfillment system to give you the freedom to create any offering using any technology platform. By creating a library of open, RESTful APIs with JSON encoding, it is simple to communicate, modify and access shipping and inventory requests at any time and in any format. These APIs offer tremendous flexibility, and already support many unique ordering requirements.


Access your data in any format at any time. Your dedicated website gives you 24/7 access to real-time inventory, shipment status and tracking information. Combined with our built-in search functionality, you can easily respond to customer inquiries without having to invest in additional software. Custom reports are delivered directly to your inbox, or use our APIs to import data directly into your systems.


In addition to our library of APIs, we allow you to submit shipping requests in the format that works best for you. Using a dedicated website we create specifically for your business, orders can be uploaded in bulk via a csv file or individual shipping requests can be entered via a web form. We also support a direct integration with the Shopify shopping cart.


With no software to license, buy, install, or maintain, you can focus on growing your business while leveraging our continuing investments in the latest technologies to ensure your orders are processed accurately and quickly. Our open APIs make it easy to integrate to everything from a basic shopping cart to a complete ERP system.


“You will not find it difficult to prove

that battles, campaigns, and even wars

have been won or lost

primarily because of logistics.”

– President Dwight D. Eisenhower



We’re a group of mathematicians and computer scientists who are passionate about using technology to solve complex supply chain problems. After spending years working in e-commerce order fulfillment for leading companies like Amazon, we decided to create a robust, open fulfillment system that e-commerce brands can use to grow their business.


Learn more about how we got started and how you can help us re-invent the supply chain for e-commerce brands.


Let us take your order fulfillment to the next level. Contact us to learn more.


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